Google Fonts warning received?

Have you also received a warning because Google Fonts are not integrated into your WordPress website in a DSGVO-compliant manner? Then simply contact me without obligation using the contact form or simply give me a call. I will be happy to help you, check the "facts" and, if necessary, remedy the situation by integrating your Google Fonts into your website in a way that is safe from warnings.

What are Google Fonts?

Launched in 2010, Google Fonts are now the most popular web fonts provider. The search engine giant now offers over 1,400 fonts. The fonts come from various designers and are so-called open source fonts, i.e. free to use.

Google hosts the fonts themselves and they can be loaded from there with just one line of code.

They can be used commercially free of charge, which means they can be used freely on any website. This has led to over 62 trillion (!) page views using Google Fonts - an incredible number (and probably significantly more by now).